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Book Club Questions

The Boys Who Wouldn't Grow Up is a great read for book clubs.

Interested in literary fiction? New authors? Stories about university, or about growing up? Like a little romance and drama? It's all here, folks. Best of all, our publisher gives discounts on group orders! See our buy page for details.

Below are some questions to get you started once you've read the book. Beware: they contain SPOILERS.

1. What do you think of the title? How does it impact your understanding of the story? How does it relate to the girls in the novel?

2. The book presents all of its main characters as both good and bad in their own ways. Who do you think the protagonist(s) and the antagonist(s) of the story are?

3. Some of the themes in the book include destiny and chance, the eternal and the fleeting, and of course: growing up. Which of these themes resonated with you personally? What symbols represented each theme?

4. How does socioeconomic status impact the behavior of the characters in the story?

5. Many of the characters in the story are highly smackable. Which character did you most want to hit upside the head or give a piece of your mind?

6. Catriona and Julie can be seen as representing traditional and contemporary expectations of womanhood. How does each girl deal with these expectations, or shun them? Overall, what is the author saying about women's roles?

7. Similarly, the boys in the book run the spectrum of the highly sexual Harry to the knight-in-shining-armor Simon to the hapless, intellectual Max. What does the book seem to say about men's roles?

8. Names play a large part in our understanding of the characters. Which names did you think were the most appropriate? Which might hold clues as to the characters' personalities?

9. How do the main characters see themselves? Is this different than from how others see them? How do different perceptions affect the outcome of the story?

10. Which character, if any, changes the most profoundly throughout the course of the book? How?

11. How have your thoughts or views changed after reading this book?

12. Who was your favorite character in the supporting cast (i.e. Fern, Caddy, Ashwin, Brett) and why?

13. What do you think Catriona decides to do in the final moment of the story? Why?

14. Did you feel the ending was satisfying? How would you change it if not?

15. If you could ask the author one question, what would it be? (Good news: email and you might get a response.)